Ready to Go Townhomes

The Ironstone Building Company prides itself in offering a variety of options to those looking to purchase a new home in London, Ontario. For this reason, we provide our townhomes and condos in various stages of building construction.

Our “Ready to Go” townhouse units are quick-closing units that are available for fast delivery and occupancy. This allows you to work within a timeline that fits your schedule and eliminates stages of the building process that may make you uncomfortable or quite simply stress you out.

Also see our ready to go single-family homes for sale here.

Prices subject to change without notice.

BAJAUnit #32 -1960 DalmagarryAZULSold (Conditional)30-NOV-18$362,800
BAJAUnit #234 -1960 DalmagarryAZULFor Sale19-JAN-19$350,800
BAJAUnit #144 -1960 DalmagarryBOCASold (Conditional)13-MAR-19$338,800
BAJAUnit #142 -1960 DalmagarryAZULFor Sale01-MAR-19$377,800
BAJAUnit #14 -1960 DalmagarryAZULSold (Conditional)28-JAN-19$372,800